The NINJA GAME takes place in ancient times of Shoguns and Samurais. Ninjas were employed by the Shogun to work secretly in the shadows, loyal only to one master.

Their training was hard and required focus and strong will to serve the Shogun. Those who passed the training and all the extreme trials were trusted with the most difficult and secret missions.

Either to spy on other Shoguns, to scout the position of enemy forces without been discovered, or to assassinate rival Shoguns and Samurais.

Ninjas value their loyalty to such a degree that if captured they are most likely to die than betray their masters.

These elite warriors were situated in clans and had their own territory give by the Shogun, which was mostly villages so they can disguise themselves as farmers and avoid revenge from their enemies.

NINJA-GAME is an action RPG multiplayer game similar to popular titles such as Path of Exile or the Diablo series.

What sets NINJA-GAME apart from these titles is that instead of prohibiting or limiting trade between players, we plan to fully support it with unique integrations of both Crypto and NFT technologies.

Imagine a game where there is no punishment for trading in-game items, services, or even accounts with each other.

What if it was encouraged and supported instead?

Imagine a rich ARPG environment that not only looks great but has a thriving economy full of trading activity and engaging gameplay.

Another thing that sets NINJA-GAME apart from our competitors is our team. It consists of hardcore gamers, experienced in multiple ARPG games, and extensive play-time in many AAA titles.

Combined we have well over 60,000 hours of gameplay at the highest levels of both trade and the games themselves. Our team understands the grind and what makes games of this genre fun to play over and over again.

Our main focus is on the game mechanics and building a great game. The vision is to create a game that is fun to play as a stand-alone game yet offers immense value for your time through it’s connectivity with cryptocurrencies and NFT technologies.

A game by gamers truly for gamers.

This is the FUTURE we intend to create.

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